Source: Led Zeppelin Social Media / Photograph by Ross Halfin

Led Zeppelin were “ready” for tour after one-off 2007 reunion

If you’ve seen the Zeppelin show from London’s O2 you’ll know how great it was. A perfect way to end their live career after terrible performances at Live Aid and the not so good Atlantic Records bash in years previous. But would a tour have been a good idea? Robert Plant has been open about not being able to belt out those songs night after night in his advanced years. Plus he seems quite content with his post Zeppelin musical endeavors. So as much as Jimmy Page may have wanted the band to continue, Plant’s weakened vocals and enthusiasm suggest more tours were not a good idea.

I say this as someone who was fortunate enough to get a ticket for this final amazing show. A man in a sauna hooked me up., Maybe I’ll tell that story on the podcast………

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