Wonderwall – The First 90s Song With One Billion Streams On Spotify

Congratulations Oasis! Wonderwall is a great song. Perfect in its simplicity in that it’s basic guitar a beginner could play, and Noel Gallagher will tell you it’s about nothing in particular. You can analyze the lyrics all you want. The most profound aspect of this song is that Noel sat on a wall to record his parts.

Is this the best Oasis song? Probably not. Did they make great songs after in? Yes. Did they make another great album after (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? I don’t think so. If you took the decent tracks from Be Here Now onwards you could create one very good album. But even that probably wouldn’t compare to the band’s debut and sophomore efforts.

Which brings me to the question – Is there any point in Oasis reforming? Noel and Liam solo are largely considered inferior versions of Oasis. But Oasis were a below par version of themselves from their third album onwards. At least with the brothers still hating one another you get twice as much new music.

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