As a huge fan of Knight Rider and Metal, I don’t think I needed the two worlds to collide.  However, anything which maintains Hasselhoff’s profile is good in a way, because it means there is more chance of a Knight Rider TV movie, or re-boot.  And I mean, with the REAL Michael Knight!  If Liam Neeson and Sylvester Stallone can still play action roles, there’s potential for Hasselhoff.  Plus, I don’t think enough credit is given for how visionary KITT was.  Never mind the studies of how much Back To The Future got right, check out how much of KITT circa 1985 is now in your 2020 car!

On a related subject, if you would like to check out, in my opinion, David Hasselhoff’s finest musical moment, take a look at his commercial for Cumberland Farm’s iced coffee.

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