Scott Stapp To Play Sinatra In Ronald Reagan Biopic

Suddenly the focus on a Ronald Reagan biopic becomes the co-star!  And begs the question – What dirt does Scott Stapp have on an exec involved with this movie which got him the Sinatra part?!!!

In a strange twist to this story, I also read today that Sinatra was the first person offered the role of John McClane in Die Hard.  He would have been 70 at the time!  Can you imagine Sinatra in a vest, climbing around the air vents of Nakatomi Plaza?!!

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David Hasselhoff Made A METAL Song! Get A First Look Here

As a huge fan of Knight Rider and Metal, I don’t think I needed the two worlds to collide.  However, anything which maintains Hasselhoff’s profile is good in a way, because it means there is more chance of a Knight Rider TV movie, or re-boot.  And I mean, with the REAL Michael Knight!  If Liam Neeson and Sylvester Stallone can still play action roles, there’s potential for Hasselhoff.  Plus, I don’t think enough credit is given for how visionary KITT was.  Never mind the studies of how much Back To The Future got right, check out how much of KITT circa 1985 is now in your 2020 car!

On a related subject, if you would like to check out, in my opinion, David Hasselhoff’s finest musical moment, take a look at his commercial for Cumberland Farm’s iced coffee.

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Ozzy Osbourne blames year of bad luck on creepy ‘haunted’ doll he tried to blow up

Ozzy has suffered bad health and a number of setbacks during the last couple of years, resulting in the cancellation of tours, prior to all gigs being postponed due to Covid.  But Ozzy doesn’t think his decades of hard living have finally caught up with him.  He believes it’s all due to a haunted doll his son Jack gave him!

Jeremy has a theory that the snorting of ants could have been Ozzy’s undoing.  The idea being that if you look at those who partied hard and didn’t die, many are now quite f**cked.  But Ozzy’s hard living war wounds show more than most others.  Is this because they drew the line at snorting drugs?!!!

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Source: Led Zeppelin Social Media / Photograph by Ross Halfin

Led Zeppelin were “ready” for tour after one-off 2007 reunion

If you’ve seen the Zeppelin show from London’s O2 you’ll know how great it was. A perfect way to end their live career after terrible performances at Live Aid and the not so good Atlantic Records bash in years previous. But would a tour have been a good idea? Robert Plant has been open about not being able to belt out those songs night after night in his advanced years. Plus he seems quite content with his post Zeppelin musical endeavors. So as much as Jimmy Page may have wanted the band to continue, Plant’s weakened vocals and enthusiasm suggest more tours were not a good idea.

I say this as someone who was fortunate enough to get a ticket for this final amazing show. A man in a sauna hooked me up., Maybe I’ll tell that story on the podcast………

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Five Finger Death Punch's Zoltan Bathory Denies New Video Has Anti-Mask Message

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story! Five Finger Death Punch aren’t anti masks, they’re anti communist! They are however, as one of their album titles proclaimed, American capitalists. Which is why this headline grabs your attention, and then the band promote their own masks, for sale right now!

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Wonderwall – The First 90s Song With One Billion Streams On Spotify

Congratulations Oasis! Wonderwall is a great song. Perfect in its simplicity in that it’s basic guitar a beginner could play, and Noel Gallagher will tell you it’s about nothing in particular. You can analyze the lyrics all you want. The most profound aspect of this song is that Noel sat on a wall to record his parts.

Is this the best Oasis song? Probably not. Did they make great songs after in? Yes. Did they make another great album after (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? I don’t think so. If you took the decent tracks from Be Here Now onwards you could create one very good album. But even that probably wouldn’t compare to the band’s debut and sophomore efforts.

Which brings me to the question – Is there any point in Oasis reforming? Noel and Liam solo are largely considered inferior versions of Oasis. But Oasis were a below par version of themselves from their third album onwards. At least with the brothers still hating one another you get twice as much new music.

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