A Forgotten Password May Lose This Man’s $234 Million In Bitcoin

A man in San Francisco has entered ten incorrected passwords for his Bitcoin digital wallet, leaving two more attempts before he’s blocked forever.  Meaning he could lose $234 million!

Is this proof that however forward thinking you try to be in a digital world, there’s a lot to be said for keeping a pen and paper?  I guess Bitcoin has no backup logins based on your first pet or the name of your favorite teacher at school?

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What’s the Value in Doing Nothing?.... $300K and Counting!

A man in Japan rents himself out “to do nothing” at a rate of $100 per job.  And “do nothing’ means he is literally a body to show up when required.

In the past he has been hired to make up the numbers at public events, walked alongside people who wish not to be alone, and accompanied a girl to an interview at a strip club, for moral support.  As of now, this unique entrepreneur has taken more than 3000 bookings!

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Is it an Alien, or a new Amazon Delivery Van?

Amazon’s new delivery vans make noises so you know they’re coming and accidents can be avoided.  A bit like an ice cream truck, except that people are claiming these vans sound like aliens.

Anything futuristic car wise goes back to Knight Rider for me.  KITT used to make a sound when driving, this is just Amazon catching up with 1985 TV.  Also, my buddy has a Tesla which seems to have all kinds of sound effects built in, such as when you open the door.  Has Tesla signed on for my Knight Rider re-boot idea yet?

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This Is Not How You Dispose Your Christmas Tree

Have you heard if you take your Christmas decorations down after January 6th you’re setting yourself up for a year of bad luck?  I don’t think this was that superstition coming true, I think it’s more stupidity.

Someone in Texas decided to get rid of their Christmas tree by putting it in their fireplace last weekend and lit it up.  Resulting in fire fighters being called to prevent their house burning down!  I love Christmas, but as a rule, I think new year is time to be boxing up the lights and baubles, because Christmas is over, until July…….

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Don’t Book Surgery On Your Surgeon’s Birthday!

According to research you have 23% higher chance of dying during surgery if it’s your surgeon’s birthday!

There is no suggestion as to why this is, but one would assume it’s because no one likes working on their birthday.  I wonder what the stats would say about surgery the day after the surgeon’s birthday, when they’re hungover……

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Streaming Services To Be Free For The Holidays?

U.S. Senator Angus King wants the six largest streaming services to stop charging subscribers during the holidays, to encourage people to stay home and binge on TV.

I think he may be under estimating how many people actually pay for their streaming TV.  How many passwords of others are you currently using?  And, haven’t you already watched everything with all the at home time we’ve had in 2020?  Do you really want to watch Tiger King again?

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Bob Odenkirk Stars As Family Man After Vengeance

Check out the trailer for the movie “Nobody” which we discussed in the podcast.  Bob Odenkirk stars in what could be titled “Better Call Taken”!

The movie has been created by the guy behind John Wick and Odenkirk was inspired by Charles Bronson in Death Wish and Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry.  What’s not to love?!!

Dallas Gets A Tickle Bar

First thing to note – this is NOT a front for prostitution!  It’s a genuine business for people who like to be tickled!  You pay for 25 or 50 minute sessions, you’ll get a glass of wine and there’s a shirt on, shirt off option!  Is tickle the new massage?!!!

When I first moved to DFW, pre Covid, everyone told me what a booming economy existed in the area.  Even the Lyft drivers were full of enthusiasm that if there was an economic downtown, Dallas would be the first place to recover.  So, now there’s a vaccine on the way, is this the first sign?

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Warner Brothers Movies on HBO Max

All Warner Brothers movies released in 2021 will be streaming on HBO Max on the same day they are in theaters.  Great news if you love staying at home, very bad news for AMC.

As a Brit living in America, the first time I went to an AMC I loved the super sized popcorn and soda available. I like that you almost need an extra seat for your Diet Coke. But I also love my apartment. So, if I could get the latest movies in my front room, I may get a couple of buckets for my popcorn and Diet Coke, then I’m good.

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Watch Classic Movies For Free, Hidden On Google Maps

Attention Anglophiles – You’ll soon be able to watch classic British movies for free on Google Maps, if you can work out the clues based on the film’s UK locations.  Skyfall, Wallace and Gromit and Shaun Of The Dead are some of the 40 titles in play as part of this virtual scavenger hunt.

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