New App Gives You An NDA For Nude Selfies

If you have been tempted to send naked pics but you’re concerned about them being leaked when you become a famous Pop Star, this is the app for you!  It gives you a legal requirement that the recipient of the photo of your bits must agree to, saying they won’t leak the shot.  Now, get working on the lighting and your best angle…….

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Brit Eats An Entire Pizza, But Leaves The Entire Circular Crust!

When I was a kid my Mum used to tell me to eat my crusts.  Maybe this guy is just rebelling against that 1980s parental directive.  Of course, parents back then didn’t know that bread is carbs and carbs are bad!

However, this does also throw some light on the differences between how Brits and Americans eat.  My US friends are always ridiculing me for the way in which I use a knife and fork, even though I know facing the fork downwards as opposed to upwards (like a spoon) is the correct use of cutlery.  There was one time I attempted to use a knife and fork to eat a very large burger, which disgusted the Americans I was dining with.  So much so, they still talk about it more than a year later.  But I accept that mistake and have never done anything so British ever since.

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Man Pays For Leopard “Full Contact Experience”, Gets Mauled

Was Tiger King really that long ago that we’ve all forgotten about the lessons learned when it comes to wild cat animal sanctuaries?  Or was the main takeaway from that show – Did Carol kill her husband?

As a side note, when I was writing this blog my spelling of “leopard” kept on being shown as incorrect.  It took me several attempts before I realized I was spelling “leopard” as “leppard”, as in – Def Leppard.

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An East Dallas Home's Halloween Decorations Prompt Multiple Police Visits

This guy in Dallas just beat your decorations, because his are so real, several people have called the cops.  More proof that everything is bigger and better in Texas – even Halloween!

Photo: Steven Novak
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Borat Helps The Kasakhstan Tourist Industry

Kasakhstan has adopted the theory there’s no such thing as bad publicity and are using the new attention they are now receiving from the Borat movie to appeal to tourists.  They have even adopted Borat’s phrase “Very nice.”

Check out the video.  See If post covid it may convince you to take a trip to the glorious nation.  For what it’s worth, Sacha Baron Cohen has explained he only chose Kasakhstan to be Borat’s home because it was a place most Americans had never heard of, adding, “”The real Kazakhstan is a beautiful country with a modern, proud society . . . the opposite of Borat’s version.”  Which sounds more positive than what you may expect him to say about a lot of America right now.  Conclude from that what you will.

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'Breathable Bacon' face mask gives wearers the aroma of bacon

If you’ve noticed your breath isn’t that great since Covid, this could be the mask for you. It could also be good for vegetarians who don’t want to eat meat, but keep buying the fake stuff. I’ve tried it, it tastes like crap. Maybe just the aroma of meat is a better substitute?….

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Song stuck in your head? Just hum to search

My Alexa tends not to understand what I’m asking her to do quite often. But apparently Google can identify a song you need to know the name of, just by humming it!

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Do You Drink More Coffee Than Other Creative Leaders?

According to this my coffee intake is on par with David Lynch, when he’s brainstorming.  I can drink at least seven cups of coffee per day. So, does this podcast make more sense than Twin Peaks?

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Humans Taste Like Salt & Sweet Candy To Mosquitos

I have just had my first Texas summer. A lot of people told me it would be hell, it’s too hot, the humidity is unbearable, the thermometer will say 100, but it feels like 110. It’s been the only time I felt like saying to Texans, “THIS IS TEXAS! MAN UP!” I moved from Phoenix, so a few days of 100 degrees is fine. The mosquitos that come out at dusk, not so much.

I spent the first few weeks of summer in DFW with so many bites about my body, I looked like a drug addict who was running out of usable veins. If this study is true and  humans are like sweet candy to mosquitos, my blood must taste like the most exotic truffle these creatures have ever experienced. But I found a solution. After wasting money on some of Amazon’s cheaper insect repellent options, I bought the biggest machine they have. It’s huge grill like elements shine bright blue lights, to attract and destroy mosquitoes. I leave it on in my front room overnight, and that’s when it gets them. It makes a buzzing noise, which would be annoying in that it wakes me up. Except that these Texas mosquitos have been so troublesome, there something comforting about that buzz, when I get the feeling of such satisfaction that I just killed in my sleep.

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